Aquamarine Beta

16-23 Oct 2022 – Viborg (DK)

We invite you into Aquamarine – Virtual Aquarium, an Experience Room from Phenomenal Viborg.

Experience Together
This piece is an exploration of multi-user VR, so the ability to be in a shared virtual experience simultaneously. This gives a new dimension to the experience, and and makes it more like being in a physical exhibition.

Museum-Scale VR
This experience is taking place on a 250m2 area, making this a vast space for free exploration, larger than most other VR installations.


Aquamarine Beta

Aquamarine Beta

Virtual Aquarium (Beta)

16-23 Oct 2022 – Viborg (DK)

14:00-18:00 (Drop-in any time)

Phenomenal Viborg
Ammunitionsvej 6 (Tidl. Testcenter)
8800 Viborg

(No Reservation Needed)


Free for students with valid card and refugees


Ages 13 and up

Virtual Reality – Multiple Users

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