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Virtual Museum October
October 2023, Viborg (DK)
Premiere: Virtual Museum
25 – 30 September 2023, Viborg (DK)
PRELUDE to the Garden: A Showing & Experiment
5 – 6 August 2023, Viborg (DK)

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What are your opening hours?

Every month our opening hours change because we share the space with other creative businesses. But! We will always announce when we are open. You can also sign up for our website newsletter and we will keep you updated.

Do I need to make a booking before I come?

Nope! We have a drop-in anytime policy.

Are children allowed?

We allow children from age 13+, as this is the recommended age for using virtual reality headsets.

How many people can be in the same experience?

Up to 15 people at the same time, and yes, you can definitely see each other!

How long does an experience last?

Each of our experiences do not have a start or an end, so you are welcome to stay as long as you would like. (The only exception is for the experience TORUS (Act I) – which lasts 8 minutes, but plays in a continuous loop)


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