XR3 Virtual Exhibition 2021

06-17 July 2021 – Viborg (DK)

The best of virtual reality art

Virtual Reality Exhibition: Phenomenal Viborg and Viborg Animation Festival is proud to be one of the partners hosting the global virtual exhibition XR3.

In order to fully democratize access to virtual reality and to immersive creationNewImages Festival and Cannes XR have teamed up to co-produce a new virtual space: XR3, a unique exhibition platform to present the best of VR creation.

The best of the best
The artworks featured in XR3 are selected from the juries of NewImages Festival and Cannes XR, together creating an ensemble of pieces that are of the highest international quality.

Step into other realities
This event is an exhibition of art created in VR. Visitors will be given their own area and a Virtual Reality headset, for them to explore the various artworks themselves.


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XR3 – NewImages Festival


Amends (Mikkel Battefeld)

“Amends” is an interactive VR experience about the chaotic emotions of a past connected to a relationship with a now estranged mother. You will through the perspective of a child revisit the memories of your upbringing and through time get to relive the complicated emotional relationship, which still awaits its resolution.

Biolum (Abel Kohen, Jon Rowe) (European Premiere)

“Biolum” is an interactive, narrative VR sci-fi experience which immerses you in the mysterious beauty of deep sea life on a dive that takes a shocking turn for the worse.

Jailbirds (Thomas Villepoux) (World Premiere)

The Bwa-Kayiman prison is a modern hell, a dehumanizing institution where inmates endure the sadism of a petty Chief Warden. Yet, despite all the bullying, one inmate, Felix, is always happy. Sentenced to life for the crimes of his gang, this repenting good giant seems to have reached serenity. But the Chief Warden can’t stand it. For him, the inmates are here to serve their sentence. To suffer. To atone. Felix has to endure his time like everyone else. That is the rule.

Kinshasa Now (Marc-Henri)

35,000 kids abandoned by their families following witchcraft allegations are doing their best to survive on the streets of Kinshasa, Congo. One night, fourteen-year-old Mika must suddenly come to terms with this terrible situation and learn the rules of the street to survive, find food and shelter, and, even most importantly, fit in.

Lady Sapiens, The Experience (Camille Duvelleroy) (World Premiere)

You are Lady Sapiens. You were born 38.000 years ago. As you leave your valley, you meet a huntress who leads you to her clan. A shaman inspires you to bring your personal touch to a cave painting. In her village, you are offered to carve a flint to make your own spear. Finally, equipped with your weapon, you are invited to take part in an impressive collective mammoth hunt. No, women were not harvesting while men hunt. Welcome to the Palaeolithic era.

Marco & Polo Go Round (Benjamin Steiger Levine) (World Premiere)

On the morning of his birthday, Marco discovers the cake Polo has lovingly made and left for him on the kitchen table. He also notices that every object in the kitchen has been battened down with tape and twine as if to safeguard against an oncoming storm. What begins as a beautiful morning for the young couple takes a surreal turn when their world literally falls apart around them.

Namoo (Erick Oh)

“Namoo” is a narrative poem come to life as an animated virtual reality experience created with Oculus’s VR animation tool “Quill.” The project is led by 2021 Oscar nominated director Erick Oh in partnership with Baobab Studios. Namoo is inspired by Erick’s grandfather’s death; The narrative follows the journey of a man from his birth up until the end of his life.

Noah’s Raft (Joel ‘Kachi Benson, Tal Michael Haring) (World Premiere)

From a young age, Noah Shemede believed that his destiny was in the water. But after going to a school in the city, he returns with a dream – to use education to transform the lives of the children living in Makoko. But it is not an easy task. From birth, children are taught to help their parents build boats, make nets, and catch fish. Education is almost a foreign concept. But Noah is relentless, and with a team of volunteers, he sets on a mission to change his community through education.

Paper Birds (German Heller, Federico Carlini)

“Paper Birds” is the story of a short sighted child with an exceptional talent for music. He must find his way through the world of darkness to bring back his sister, taken away by the shadows. This journey uses the senses to evoque our inner darkness, and the mystery that lies within it. The unknown that we’re often afraid to see. A story about inspiration, intuition, emotion and how these qualities are invoked by the music.

Reeducated (Sam Wolson, Ben Mauk Nick Rubin, Matt Huynh) (International Premiere)

“Reeducated” takes viewers inside a reeducation camp in Xinjiang, China, guided by the recollections of three men who were caught in what is likely the largest mass-internment drive of ethnic and religious minorities since the Second World War. Using hours of firsthand testimony and hand-drawn animation, the VR film reconstructs the experience of detention and political reeducation in an immersive three-dimensional space.

Strands of Mind (Adrian Meyer) (World Premiere) [Epilepsy Warning]

Explore a world beyond the bounds of our human perception. A world full of mystery, of beauty and darkness. Let yourself be taken on a trip into the woven nature of existence.

The Hangman at Home – VR (Michelle Kranot, Uri Kranot)

“The Hangman at Home – VR” is a VR performative installation based on the poem “The Hangman at Home” by Carl Sandburg (1922). This immersive animated experience explores themes of acknowledgement and participation and the awkward intimacy that comes with being human. A unique animated interactive work: a bridge between the digital, performing arts, visual arts and the latest innovative technology. At its core is the connection between spectator, witness, and accomplice.

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XR3 Virtual Exhibition 2021

The best of virtual reality art

06-17 July 2021

(Max 1 Hour per person)

Gl. Rådhus
Stænderpladsen 2
8800 Viborg

(No Reservation Needed)


50 dkk entry (at the door)


Ages 10 and up

Virtual Reality
Single Person

Special Thanks To

Mads Damsbo
Dorte Jakobsen
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