Multi-User Co-Location Virtual Reality

MUCO is a solution for location-based social virtual reality experiences, seamlessly allowing visitors to explore new worlds together, with comfort and dignity.

Experience new worlds – together

With MUCO, individuals can explore a virtual space together, just like they would in a physical space, such as a museum or a library. The experience is location-based (everyone’s in the same physical space), users can see and even touch each other in the experience.

Accessibility First

By leveraging room-scale 6-degrees-of-freedom and hand-tracking technology, many users can use their natural (or assisted) locomotive skills when traversing the virtual space.

Lightning-fast on- and off-boarding

A combination of no-compromises approach to user interface design (UI) and the overall user experience (UX) means that users need only be equipped with an easily attached head-mounted virtual-reality headset in order to be ready for a comfortable VR experience.

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